Day 2 is over and the event has come to a close. Was an exciting day hosting the cub, mite, peewee and midget divisions. We have awarded the champions with small WIHA banners that they can proudly display at their rink next to their WIHA Finals banners. The teams really seemed to like them and we even saw some teams signing the banner as a remembrance of the day. Was great to see some great scores in our cub division and it's amazing to see how good some of those kids are; definitely the next generation of greatness.

Our mite division was very close. At the end if was the Bulldogs Black and Temecula Warriors teams that would battle it out. These teams played earlier in the day when the Temecula Warriors would come out on top. The championship game went into overtime with the Bulldogs scoring just a few minutes in.

The peewee division would once again come down to SD Selects Gray versus SD Selects Black. Their program also had their bantam teams battle it out for the title the night before. SD Selects Gray however would come out on top this time.

Thank you to all the teams and players and parents who came out to support this event. Our next event in Huntington Beach is just 2 short weeks away; hope to see you all there.

Here are Sunday's winners:


1st place - Pama Cyclones

2nd place - HB Militia

High Scorer: Rocket Welsh; Bulldogs

Top Goalie: Noah Primeau; Pama Cyclones

Mite A:

1st place - Bulldogs Black

2nd place - Temecula Warriors

High Scorer: Landon Mardesich; Bulldogs Black

Top Goalie: Max Castagnoli & Chance Legaspi; Pama Cyclones

Peewee A:

1st place - SD Selects Gray

2nd place - SD Selects Black

High Scorer: Thomas Farwell; SD Selects Black

Top Goalie: Benjamin DiCori; SD Selects Gray

Midget A:

1st place - SD Selects

2nd place - Delta Force Elite

High Scorer: Drew Jones; SD Selects

Top Goalie: Amy Hogan; Delta Force Elite

Midget AA:

1st place - Alkali High Rollers

2nd place - Pama Cyclones White

High Scorer: Jackson Faught; Alkali High Rollers

Top Goalie: Rudy Hodgson; Alkali High Rollers

****************************************************************************************************************************Day 1 is a wrap here in West Covina. Was a great first day of hockey for this event. We saw all the usual programs in Alkali High Rollers, HB Militia, Bulldogs and SD Selects (who now that CIF is done have added a lot more kids and created some new teams). We are also happy to welcome back OC Dynasty in squirt A. But the best thing is the new teams and we are very happy to have the Labeda Jets in 6U and 14U as well as the Honey Badgers in 10U. Both teams/programs will be making their debuts today, Sunday.

Our first championship was the Atom division between Pama Cyclones who went 4-0 in round robin and Bulldogs Black who went 3-1. Pama proved once again too much for the Bulldogs and they took the first title of at the day.

Shortly after we crowned our second champion of the day for the Squirt A division between Bulldogs Black and Temecula Warriors. These two teams faced off earlier during round robin play and the Bulldogs took that one by a score of 6-2. Roles would be reversed in the championship game however and the Temecula Warriors came out on top with a score of 6-1.

We rounded out the day with three more championship games. Bantam A almost came down to a 4 way tie for first seed. Ended up being SD Selects Black and SD Selects Gray in the championship game. Was a great game that finally saw SD Selects Black take home the title by a score of 2-1. All in all some great hockey for the day and always great to see so many existing and new programs in our younger age groups. The next generation of All Stars.


1st place - Pama Cyclones

2nd place - Bulldogs Black

High Scorer: Owen Jimenez; Bulldogs Black

Top Goalie: Max Castagnoli & Sage Legaspi; Pama Cyclones

Squirt A:

1st place - Temecula Warriors

2nd place - Bulldogs Black

High Scorer: Liam Culligan; Bulldogs Black

Top Goalie: Seth Miszkiewicz & Vince Keller; SD Selects

Squirt AA:

1st place - Alkali High Rollers

2nd place - Pama Cyclones

High Scorer: Jakob Morrison; Alkali High Rollers

Top Goalie: Lukas Massie; Alkali High Rollers

Bantam A:

1st place - SD Selects Black

2nd place - SD Selects Gray

High Scorer: Sam Cavassa; SD Selects Black

Top Goalie: Evan Pawluk; Bulldogs Black

Bantam AA:

1st place - Pama Cyclones

2nd place - Puckhogs

High Scorer: Dylan Reightley; Puckhogs

Top Goalie: Jared Levine; Pama Cyclones